Berliner Startup Stipendium

The Berlin Startup Stipendium scholarships are granted by the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT). These scholarships are financially supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises / Investitionsbank Berlin).

In addition to providing financial assistance to each team member, the scholarships also encompass the utilization of the BHT Startup Hub Coworking Space and the BHT Campus in Berlin Wedding. Moreover, the scholarship program offers comprehensive support through our dedicated internal coaching team, a network of external advisors, and esteemed scientific mentors from BHT and our extensive business network.

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Furthermore, the program offers a series of workshops, training sessions, and entrepreneurial methods designed to equip founders with essential tools and knowledge for effectively validating their ideas. Our ultimate objective is to guide founders in implementing lean startup methodologies that emphasize experimentation, feedback, and iteration to refine their products or services.


Who is supported by the scholarship?

  • 1-4 founders per team
  • The founders preferably have a university degree.
  • The founders work full-time on their start-up project, including at least 40 hours per month on site at their provided workplace.
  • The place of residence (registration address) of all eligible founders is in Berlin.
  • Founders who have already received a Berlin Startup Stipendium grant from another organisation in Berlin or the EXIST Startup Business Grant are excluded from participation.
  • We are particularly pleased about applicants from the BHT.

What will be funded?

  • Funding focuses on technological business models that offer solutions to social, economic and ecological problems. In addition to typical tech and SaaS startups, we strive to increasingly promote the areas of hardware, sustainability & green tech and food tech.
  • The potential scholarship holders are significantly involved in the development of the business model, the development of the product or service and the subsequent management.
  • The business model is foreseeably oriented towards sustainable, economic success.
  • The company should not yet have been founded or should not yet be economically commercially operating on the market.
  • The team is accompanied by a professor as a mentor. The mentorship must be proven after the preselection.

How does the funding work?

The grant covers personal living expenses – successful applicants will receive 2,200 euro/month for a period of 6 months with the option of extending the grant for further 6 months. The funding is equity free.

What do the university / research institute and entrepreneurs have to achieve?

Our University manages the grant, provide the founders a mentor, a workplace in a coworking space and guarantee free use of infrastructure.

Founders receive coaching services, participate in the program provided by the BHT Startup Hub team and its partners and present a first draft of the product market readiness and business plan after five months. Founders take on the responsibility of making tax and national health insurance payments.

Is it possible to launch the business during the funding phase?

Yes, it is possible.

Who submits the application?

All founders from the team who are eligible to participate in the program and want to receive the financial support from the Berliner Startup Stipendium.

When can the application be submitted?

Our next Call for Applications is to be found in the News section on our website or on our social media (Linkedin). For more information please book a consultation with our team.

Current teams
Fion Energy

At FION Energy we have one mission: to support DSOs in mastering the energy transition by applying our expertise – data science and software development – where it is most needed.


The healthy design of your home is the be-all and end-all of healthy living. Especially the quality of water, light and air plays a decisive role and has an influence on your well-being. Protect yourself from unwanted pollutants and optimize your living experience with Homesome.


Maluma is a transformative startup dedicated to leveling the education playing field in socially challenged areas. Our software is custom-built for schools, supporting students who face learning difficulties by offering personalized learning paths. Simultaneously, we empower teachers with tools for effective instruction and progress tracking. Maluma is committed to creating equitable and enriched learning environments for all.


SulPont is a pioneering hybrid platform that seamlessly integrates a professional social network with a marketplace, exclusively designed for the creative community. Utilising cutting-edge AI, we offer precise artist-business matching, streamlined project briefings, and comprehensive project management. Our platform serves as the nexus for talent discovery, collaboration, and enhanced industry exposure. We simplify the legal and financial aspects through AI-curated contracts and transparent payment systems, while our soon-to-launch original music sales will offer bespoke content for marketing campaigns. Think of us as LinkedIn reimagined for creatives—offering opportunities, self-promotion, and a world of prospects tailored specifically for the artistic community.