Did you know that since 2005, the BHT Startup Hub (formerly known as Gründungszentrum der Beuth Hochschule für Technik) has been an incredible resource for startups and founders? Our dedicated support includes providing access to essential infrastructure, engaging workshops, personalized coaching, and even financing opportunities. But that's not all!

Over the years, our programs have nurtured and empowered more than 270 founders, igniting their entrepreneurial journey. The remarkable success stories from our incubator speak for themselves, with numerous teams progressing to advanced stages of growth and accomplishment. The impact of our support has been profound, helping ambitious founders turn their innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Current teams
Fion Energy

At FION Energy we have one mission: to support DSOs in mastering the energy transition by applying our expertise – data science and software development – where it is most needed.


The healthy design of your home is the be-all and end-all of healthy living. Especially the quality of water, light and air plays a decisive role and has an influence on your well-being. Protect yourself from unwanted pollutants and optimize your living experience with Homesome.


Maluma is a transformative startup dedicated to leveling the education playing field in socially challenged areas. Our software is custom-built for schools, supporting students who face learning difficulties by offering personalized learning paths. Simultaneously, we empower teachers with tools for effective instruction and progress tracking. Maluma is committed to creating equitable and enriched learning environments for all.


SulPont is a pioneering hybrid platform that seamlessly integrates a professional social network with a marketplace, exclusively designed for the creative community. Utilising cutting-edge AI, we offer precise artist-business matching, streamlined project briefings, and comprehensive project management. Our platform serves as the nexus for talent discovery, collaboration, and enhanced industry exposure. We simplify the legal and financial aspects through AI-curated contracts and transparent payment systems, while our soon-to-launch original music sales will offer bespoke content for marketing campaigns. Think of us as LinkedIn reimagined for creatives—offering opportunities, self-promotion, and a world of prospects tailored specifically for the artistic community.

Study Central

Current Learning Management System (LMS) used by higher education has been existing for decades and may not be the best fit for modern education anymore, due to lack of customization, collaboration, and social interaction features, which leads to a scattered and inefficient digital landscape for education sector.

StudyCentral is on a mission to build a community focused, all-in-one flexible LMS system that is designed for the needs of modern education.

Solar Optic

Non-residential buildings like offices, supermarkets, airports, train stations, sports halls, car dealers, factories, and warehouses are close to 100% electrically illuminated every day around the year. Solar Optic is a technology that delivers sunlight directly into buildings during daytime, with high efficient output. The technology consists of three parts: concentration, transmittion and diffusion. The concentration unit will be mounted onto a sun tracking system which is equipped with light sensors and drivers to follow the sun during the day to reach maximum efficiency from the sun. the Solar Optic technical solution contributes value in three aspects: economic, environmental, and social:

  •  Economically, by reducing the consumption of electrical energy and providing free source of illumination during the daytime, this saving of Energy (kWh) will reduce the cost (€) warehouses have to spend on electricity.
  • Environmentally, every energy saving of kWh is saving greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).
  • Socially, giving workers the most natural light increases their wellbeing, mood, and work performance.

PeryView is an app that enables visual field tests in the comfort of one’s home. Our user-friendly app generates online reports that define the user’s field of view, which are saved in a secure cloud and easy to obtain. PeryView is a simple, quick, and intuitive software that doesn’t require additional hardware. It supports ophthalmologists in giving the right diagnosis and supervising effective therapy, helping to detect the first symptoms of serious eye illness, such as glaucoma. Our app has 100% accuracy as a medical device, confirmed by an ophthalmologist after tests on 49 people. The team includes Radek Brzeziński, our product manager since day one, Patryk Grygierczyk, our UX/UI specialist and graphic designer, and Daria Wróbel, our project manager and technology transfer specialist.

Peralta Clothing

Peralta Clothing wants to transform Recycling and maximize the amount of old materials into new products to reduce the waste production. Transforming leftover textiles and non-conforming parts produced for the automotive industry and other industries into timeless garments for everyday use.

We want to provide a solution to the seat carmakers producers to reduce their CO2 footprint and turn leather waste into design products, by analysing where to better use their waste materials, by automated assembly and product configuration for the  fashion and retail business.

Funding Partners

The programs provided by BHT Startup Hub receive backing from the European Union (specifically the European Social Fund), the State of Berlin, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.