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Apply with us for a startup funding program. The aim of the scholarship is to establish and launch your start-up.

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Startup Grant

The founding teams receive an EXIST Business Startup Grant and support of our research institution to develop their ideas both technically and entrepreneurially.


At BHT Startup Hub, we pursue a vision of a lean incubator – we want to encourage young entrepreneurs to turn their technological ideas with the support of our technical university into reality.

With our programs we support ambitious and visionary academic startup teams with know-how, coaching, free coworking space, infrastructure, mentoring, business opportunities and equity-free scholarship funding. Our team has helped +270 entrepreneurs from different professional backgrounds and cultures in multiple programs dedicated for first time founders and early stage startups.


At our startup incubator, we specialize in assisting aspiring founders in navigating the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. With our lean startup methods and pragmatic approach, we provide valuable guidance to help these future founders identify the opportunities for validating their ideas.

Our first step is to thoroughly understand the unique concept each founder is working on. We delve into the core aspects of their idea, examining its market potential and assessing its feasibility.


After conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business idea, team skills, and market opportunities, we are excited to extend an invitation to the most promising startups to apply for equity-free funding through our programs.

At our startup incubator, we recognize the vital role that funding plays in the early stages of startup development and are able to match the right funding programmes to the right business ideas.

BHT Startup Bootcamp 2024
The BHT Startup Bootcamp is an accelerated learning program for future entrepreneurs organised by BHT Startup Hub.
11 Mar 2024
Alumni Club @ BHT Startup Hub - Ask Me Anything: Luca Osten / Calimoto GmbH
Treffen Sie Luca Osten, Mitbegründer und CTO von Calimoto, beim Alumni Club im BHT Startup - Stellen Sie ihm alles Mögliche vor!
27 Feb 2024
Startup Masterclass: Venture Capital Fundraising - Part 2
The masterclass with actionable fundraising strategies, methods, hacks, and tricks that help raise venture capital successfully.
27 Feb 2024


2 Feb 2024

Exist Women – Call for Applications!

🌟 Calling all aspiring women entrepreneurs! 🌟

Are you ready to turn your innovative ideas into successful startups? The EXIST Women program, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), is your gateway to a vibrant community that empowers and encourages women to embark on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship.

🚀 What is EXIST Women?
As part of the German Federal Government’s startup strategy, EXIST Women focuses on strengthening the presence of female founders in the startup ecosystem. This program is specifically designed for women at universities and research institutions, providing a supportive environment to venture into self-employment and thrive as managing directors and shareholders of groundbreaking startups.

💡 Why Join EXIST Women?
Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded female graduates, scientists, students, and professionals associated with universities.
Collaboration: Share ideas and collaborate in a pressure-free environment.
Inspiring Coaches: Envision your business ideas with experienced female coaches who will guide you towards success.

🔍 Application Process:
Your journey starts with a thorough evaluation of your qualifications, ecological relevance, market understanding, and economic prospects. The most promising applicants will be invited to pitch their projects in a three-minute presentation to experts from the Berliner Hochschule für Technik.

🌐 How to Apply:
Ready to take the plunge? Visit the BHT Startup Hub and complete the online application form. Answer key questions about your startup project, and let us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

👉 Apply Now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u3Xx6IWtDQTBh6slole0QjT-BZSIp2ygVCeFxowRPIk/edit#responses
Got questions? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out at any time. Let’s break barriers and build a future where women entrepreneurs thrive! 💪🚀 #EXISTWomen #WomenEntrepreneurs #StartupJourney #EmpowerHerEntrepreneurship


9 Jan 2024

New Year = New Batch of Berliner Startup Stipendium

🚀 Exciting news from the BHT Startup Hub: To kick off the year, we welcome the newest cohort of the Berlin Startup Scholarship!

🌐 We’re excited to introduce four dynamic teams, all with a unique vision! From holistic health platforms to cutting-edge digital marketing automation and content creation to innovative sustainability certification classification tools for online stores, our new cohort promises a diverse range of entrepreneurial ventures.

🤹 Inclusivity at its best: We are proud to host 4 brilliant female founders and 5 dynamic male founders, who together represent 5 different nationalities. At BHT Startup Hub, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and shared innovation.

🚀 Get to know the new members: We welcome the newest members of the BHT Startup Hub family:

dialetics.de: the first holistic platform for type 1 diabetes patients
GreenDB: groundbreaking classification of sustainability certificates and seals for online stores through innovative data analysis
Wavess: revolutionizes digital marketing automation and predicts the outcome of marketing campaigns before they go live
Scripe: redefines content creation in the digital age

🎉 Here’s to a year of innovation and growth: we look forward to the potential, creativity and impact these teams will have on our vibrant community as we embark on this journey together. Let’s make 2024 a year full of breakthroughs and shared successes for the existing and new teams!

🙌 Welcome on board: Dialetics, Green DB, Wavess and Scripe! 🚀


1 Dec 2023

Join the SeedCamp “Life Sciences” 2023 by Health Capital / Berlin Partner

🚀 SeedCamp “Life Sciences” on December 18, 2023 in the Ludwig-Erhard-Haus at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH

🌱 Dear students and scientists of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) and dear network:

Are you a student or scientist in the life sciences and thinking of starting your own company? Would you like to find out about the essential challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of founding a company? At the 10th #SeedCamp “Life Sciences” on December 18, 2023 you will have the opportunity to do so!

SeedCamp concept:
In cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, University of Potsdam, Zukunftsorte Berlin, colleagues from HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg are presenting this unique SeedCamp at Ludwig-Erhard-Haus in Berlin . The focus is on practical knowledge transfer for scientists interested in founding a company in the field of #LifeSciences, from #Biotech to #DigitalHealth.

The event covers key topics such as financing and marketing and offers insights from experienced serial founders such as Till Erdmann in the biotech sector and the multiple award-winning TOP entrepreneur Farina Schurzfeld in the digital health sector. This will be complemented by an inspiring session from yuii Business-Training on successful presentations.
The sessions will be rounded off with a round of questions, the “Golden Hour”, in which experienced experts will support you in sharpening your start-up ideas.

🔎 Objectives:
Participants can reflect on their own start-up project, analyze its commercial potential and identify pitfalls and opportunities in the exploitation of innovations at an early stage. The speakers’ practical experience provides valuable insights.

👨‍🔬 👩‍🔬 Target group and conditions of participation:
Scientists and advanced students from the life sciences who are interested in commercialization and start-up topics are invited. Regardless of whether you are already at the beginning of the start-up process or are looking for additional inspiration for your start-up – you are very welcome.

The SeedCamp starts on December 18, 2023 at 9:30 am with a short welcome and ends at 4 pm.
Participation is free of charge. Take this opportunity to strengthen your start-up ideas! 🌐🔬

Registration and Information here.

#SeedCamp #LifeSciences #Entrepreneurship #Innovation #Startups #BHTStartupHub

Funding Partners

The programs provided by BHT Startup Hub receive backing from the European Union (specifically the European Social Fund), the State of Berlin, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.